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Multimedia Kits

Product: MP3 player and speaker

Model No.:

M30C- MP3/WMA Flash Player And Speakers: This all-in-one MP3/WMA storage player enriches your life everyday by allowing you to take your favorite music wherever you go. What is more, its data/voice back-up feature makes taking voice memos a snap. This compact portable device enables you to store essential computer files as a removable hard drive, play MP3/WMA songs anywhere and record instant audio messages no matter whether you’re at home, work, school or even on the street!

Multimedia Kits

Product: Wireless MP3 Player

Model No.:

Music lovers are now able to enjoy their favorite MP3 music wirelessly with Mgear’s M35. It enables users to play their M30 MP3 player flash drive (or other brand player, cellular MP3 phone, PDA or portable CD player) wirelessly through any kind of FM stereo system, such as a home theater FM stereo, office radio stereo or dormitory FM radio. Just plug your MP3 player into the wireless base station and dial in an unused FM frequency on your stereo to match the M35.

Cables and Connectors

Product: Data bridge cable

Model No.:

M31- USB 2.0 Data Bridge Cable :With a host-to-host USB2.0 single chip embedded into the Mgear M31 USB bridge cable, you can quickly transfer a large quantity of large files directly from one PC to another. This means that the M30 is a necessary accessory for anyone who is doing computer data backup/restore, synchronization or file sharing between computers. Also, it enables two or more high speed USB or USB1.1 equipped PCs to connect to each other using USB ports as a network.


Product: Wireless car MP3 player

Model No.:

FM Wireless Transmitter lets you listen to your MP3s in your car: The Mgear M32 enables music lovers to play their M30 MP3 player flash drive (or other brand player, cellular MP3 phone, PDA or portable CD player) through a car FM radio system wirelessly. Just plug the M32 power adapter into your car’s 12V power plug (cigarette lighter) and connect the audio cable to your M30 MP3 player flash drive. Dial in an unused FM frequency on your car stereo to match the M32.

External Storage Devices

Product: Jukebox

Model No.: M36

The M36 features a stylish and compact industrial design for easy carrying, it comes to unique Jukebox 20GB that can store up to 340 hours of digital music in MP3 or Windows Media® (WMA) format. It delivers full dynamic sound with amazing clarity and uses digital amplifier speakers to provide power efficiency and extended battery life. Bundled with a universal power adapter and carrying case, you can experience hours of continuous music playback wherever you go.

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