Argtek Communication Inc.

Outdoor/Indoor Booster

Product: Fixed-Gain Indoor Booster

Model No.: ARG-1105 series

WLAN Signal Booster to extend disstance, throughput from Access Point of range limited for 802.11b/g solution. Output Power 100mW/200mW/500mW

Outdoor/Indoor Booster

Product: Auto-Gain Outdoor Booster

Model No.:
ARG-1205 series

This device is increase the effective range and coverage area of the 802.11b or 11g/b network. The added signal strength also offers Point to Multi-point connection.

Outdoor Total Solution

Product: Outdoor Total Solution

AP + PoE(Power on Ethernet) + Booster for 802.11b/g solution. Output Power 200mW/500mW/1W/2W

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