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  • Jeylin Corporation, a manufacturer/exporter of memory modules since 1994. It started as a trading company dealing mainly with CPU, memory modules, hard disks, and CD-ROM. As time went by Jeylin Corporation started to shifted its main concentration with memory modules and other by-products have been gradually phased out from its business line. It is currently concentrating fully with the manufacturing and marketing of memory modules. Jeylin Corporation has its head office located in down town Taipei city and a production/QC plant located at the out-skirt of Taipei city. Total employees ranges around 50 altogether. Annual sales volume is around US$25-$30 million. Main markets are Europe which takes in about 40% of its market share, Asia takes about 30% of its market share, Middle East takes about 20% of its market share, the balance 10% goes to other regions including North America. Jeylin Corporation has no overseas branch office, therefore, all sales are done through middlemen such as distributors, importers, wholesalers, assemblers,etc. It follows a long held policy of open market and free trade. Prices are normally quoted through email or internet on daily basis. Shipments are normally done within 24 hours upon receipt of T/T in advance. RMA warranty is three year full service. Jeylin Corporation's goal is to provide the maket with low price quality memory modules backed up by three year full warranty. For all interested parties please contact Jeylin Corporation directly and find out more about them by logging onto www.jeylin.com.tw
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