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Product: MP4 Player

Model No.:

  • 4″16 million color TFT LCD, 16:9 wide screen, resolution:1024*576
  • Support MP3,WMA audio formats and MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG3,MPEG4 video formats
  • DC function: 3.0 mega pixels
  • DV shooting function :  AVI format (320*240~640*480)
  • Support MMC/SD card (up to 4 GB) for memory expansion
  • Support NES format games
  • Support Digital Video Recorder (DVR)function
  • AV OUT function, connect to TV for enjoyment via AV cable
  • Ultra long time recording with MP3 format , Built-in speaker
  • JPEG pictures browse, E-book function, Lyric display
  • copy, paste and deletion files available
  • 20G-80G HDD storage


Product:MP4 Player

Model No.:

  • 2.4″TFT QVGA LCD, 260k colors ,high definition
  • 100 MHz RockChip decoding chip
  • Up to 24f/s high definition stereo AVI video play
  • Multi-task operation
  • Support MINI SD card for memory expansion
  • Support MP3, WMA audio formats, synchronized lyric display, built-in hi-fi speaker
  • 8 EQ modes includes Bass, 3D surround, user-defined EQ and so on Outstanding tone, with real audio spectrum display function
  • Built-in hi-fi MIC, top quality recording and normal recording for your selection
  • Hi definition JPEG pictures browse
  • TXT E-book, unique bookmark function


Product:Digital Album

Model No.:

  • 7″TFT large screen, 16:9 and 4:3 display modes Browse various DC pictures (JPEG) available
  • Support picture browse with background music play function,
  • Support 6 kinds of memory cards includes CF,SD,MMC,MS,SMC ,etc
  • Support multi-media movies play of MPEG1(VCD),MPEG2(DVD)
  • MPEG4(AVI,ASF)and MPG formats
  • Support MP3 audio format
  • Built-in speaker, hi-fi sound output
  • Support long-distance infrared remote control operation


Product:Digital Album

Model No.:

  • 7″TFT large screen with high definition
  • JPEG format digital photo browse
  • Support rotation, zoom in/out of pictures ,background music play function
  • Support MOV format movie play
  • Support MP3 audio format
  • Support diversified popular memory cards, convenient for large capacity photos and movies browsing
  • Built-in speaker, hi-fi sending music
  • Support remote infrared remote operation
  • Copy and delete files available



Model No.:

  • 3.5 ”260k colors TFT touch screen
  • Accurate GPS satellite navigation, various navigation modes
  • Voyage information: multi- azimuth, entire trip information display, driving information hint, target direction, distance to the destination information, controlling at will
  • Intelligent navigation system ,adopts SIRFⅢ module, updated global maps available, routes planning, global satellite navigation
  • Powerful video and audio entertainment function

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