BXB・s ICP-5000 Smart Campus Audio & Video Message Announcement and Incident Commanding Solution

BXB has been certified with Taiwan Excellence for 5 years in a row! BXB announced their ICP-5000 that is an all-in-one system for audio & video broadcasting, smart management, and incident commanding. The intuitive operation, customized editing interface, and ingenious integration with hardware can make message announcement and i-management more productive. The unique design of the entire solution possesses the innovative values as below:

1) Achieve multi-channel audio & video broadcasting

At the same time, ICP-5000 can transmit 8-CH Full-HD messages to the maximum of 999 receivers. The broadcasting modes include silent broadcasting (only display image and text), mix broadcasting (audio and text at the same time), and video broadcasting. All modes of messages can be displayed on the LED screen and electronic bulletin.

2) I-control via IoT

You can use BXB-developed APP on mobile devices to announce emergent messages via audio and image modes. It can also combine with CCTV and cloud equipment to do remote-controlling and record retrieval. Via push notification, you can receive messages instantly.

3) Schedule arrangement and auto-broadcasting without manual control

ICP-5000 can be used for time announcement, routine broadcasting, and special event promotion. Daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly schedule can be set beforehand.

4) Support telephone broadcasting

Internal line broadcasting: can be connected with the general telephone or telephone exchange of the internal line. Anyone of extension phone can be used for do broadcasting.
Fixed line or mobile phone broadcasting: users can use telephone or mobile phone doing remote-control audio broadcasting, making the message announcement more instant and convenient.

5) Support smart phone PA

Mobile phone broadcasting.
Wireless streaming broadcasting: use mobile phone via wifi to do streaming broadcasting.
TTS broadcasting: type text on the mobile phone, it would be transferred to audio messages.

6) Protect personal safety as the mission

Emergency call and door access: As the public meets danger or emergent condition, they can press emergency call button. The signal would be transmitted back to the commanding center to do the reaction.
CCTV: integrate with analog and digital CCTV and apply smart analysis to meet the requirement of i-security. Administrators can do remote-control via computer, tablet, and smart phone. Therefore, it・s not necessary to station at the control room all the time.
Two-way video intercommunication: the victim can call the administrator at the incident location; the administrator can intercommunication with the victim at the first time and conduct the best solution.

BXB FUN Series Conference Microphone Won 2016 G-mark Design Award

G-mark Design Award of Japan is also called Good Design Award, which is one of the most authoritative design awards in Asia. This year is G-mark・s 60th anniversary. Their evaluation basis not only includes product・s design, but focuses on problem-solving. In other words, the product・s design should adapt with users・ habit and make life more convenient and substantial. Therefore, winning G-Mark Design Award not only enhances brand awareness, but unrolls product・s value and innovation.
Main brand of conference system in the world- BXB, has ofcially announced their FUN Conference Microphone got 2016 G-Mark Design Award. Previously, FUN microphone has already won Taiwan Excellence Award and iF Design Award. BXB always design products with the concept of "taking human beings as the essential", which considers user・s habit, convenience, and human factors into the design. Moreover, BXB shows product design・s connotation and sense by simple expressions to make people discover product・s features more. It holds the same view with G-Mark・s establishment concept.
BXB regards a successful meeting is based on an equal and impartial heart to carry out it. Therefore, BXB designs a microphone with the concept coming out from equivalent sides of a square and named "fung; (square) in Chinese. The natural arc of the square compares to attendee・s not giving tit for tat but being fairly tolerant. A similar pronunciation of :fung; is :FUN; in English, symbolizing a meeting environment can achieve a relaxing, fun, and efcient outcome.

FUN・s Design Concept

BXB integrates product・s design with its function and considers user・s demands as the starting point to create user-friendly product that can be adapted with various operation modes and environments. To view with outlook design, BXB sets their sights on simplicity, delicacy, and texture to enhance product・s value.

Ingenuity of FUN

BXB・s Vice President as well as Product Design Supervisor-Jerry Hung expressed, :We not only pursue product・s innovation, but take user・s prospective into consideration. In this way, the product can be practicable, creative, and full with aesthetics. Therefore, users can get more convenient and automatic using experiences. FUN microphone is exactly the ne work possessing simple outlook, excellent design and high using efcacy;. In the future, BXB will keep holding :Best x Best; spirit and listening attentively to user・s voice to design more innovative products, enriching users life!
G-Mark's awarding ceremony would be held on 28th October in Tokyo, Japan. During the ceremony, FUN microphone will be exhibited on site and BXB will also attend the ceremony personally. Welcome and share your joy with BXB!

About BXB

BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in PA system & conference system in Taiwan. We have more than 26 years experiences and offer high quality products at competitive price to meet different requirements from industry applications. Our goal is to provide innovative products and services, which meet and exceed our customers' expectations.
Every year we devote much of our energy into R&D and continually introduce new products to increase our capacity to satisfy customers' needs of today and tomorrow. Now, BXB Electronics has became one of Taiwan's leading manufacturer, with a strong foundation in R&D and manufaturing. All this was brought about by faith in our products, and by friendship, for without our customers, success would have never been ours. With strict quality control throughout the whole manufacturing procedure to final products, we strive for zero defects thus higher customers satisfaction. Our punctual shipments add to the quality service our clients receive. Our customers, both within Taiwan and all arouhd the world, now consider BXB Electronics their best PA & AV SYSTEM source. We have confidence can win your trust too!
BXB is dedicated to help our partner to extend their market share by supplying excellent products and technologies to its customers hence keeping our partners at the forefront of the competition. We believe that those efforts we put for our global partner to achieve their goal will also bring BXB greater success.
Future expect As we contemplate this grand vista and dream for the future, we are guided by three broad principles.
PThrough superior technology and service, contribute to world-wide progress and prosperity.
PThrough outstanding creativity and performance, we promote global R&D.
PThrough the spirit of goodwill, we create a working environment driven by ideal and principle.
BXB has succeeded through achieving global scope, becoming superior in technology, and rendering service to all needs worldwide. We see an ever-expanding global village embracing every country. Our hope is that this will encourage community and synergy in coexistence. We seek to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Only then may we prevail and endure.
Finally our vision is to achieve global, technical, professional excellence, and to become everyone's BXB.