May 27 2009

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D-LINK extends lead in green technology, launches energy-saving managed switch

D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, has expanded its leadership role in the development of energy-saving networking products and initiatives with the introduction of the first Green managed switch - the D-Link Green 16-port Managed Gigabit Switch (DGS-3200-16)...


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Toplink C&C Corporation
Broadband Communication

1. Compliant to the most updated ADSL2/2+ standards.
2. Support up to 8PVCs.
3. Ideal for SOHO and home users.
Para Industrial Co., Ltd.
USB Webcam

1. Effective Pixels: 1300K pixel (Real).
2. Max static photo resolution: 7.5M.
3. Feature: Zoom 4x, face tracer.
A Foundry Technology Co., Ltd.
Outdoor Booster

1. High Gain, High Value and High Performance/ Auto Gain Signal Booster.
2. Make broadband wireless application in possible coverage.
3. Increase AP's receiving sensitivity up to -100dB.
Up Teks Co., Ltd.
Tantalum Capacitor

1. Small size and capacitance extension.
2. Good frequency characteristics.
3. Long life.
Solleron Coporation
PC Cases

1. Case type: Mini Case.
2. Weight: 7kg.
3. Material: SECC, ABS.
Asoni Communications Co. Ltd.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

Asoni NVR516
1. Camera type: 16CH Network Video Recorder.
GW Instek
Digital Surveillance Cameras

1. Camera type: 1/4" Progressive scan SONY CCD Sensor.
2. Additional features: User Manual w/ EZ-GO set-up/ smart IP search too/RoHS compliant.
Hwan Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

HM-SX49IR 1/3" IR camera with cable management bracket
1. Camera type: IR CCTV camera.
2. Additional features: CE, FCC, IP-68 RoHS compliant/ cables are hidden in the bracket.
IZEX-KOBI Technology Co., Ltd.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

1. Camera type: IP66 (Outdoor IR Camera).
2. Additional features: Support various protocols: RTSP, UPnP, 3GPP, Multi-cast, Uni-cast, Email, FTP.
JEC Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

1. Camera type: High speed dome camera
2. Additional features: IP 67, nitrogen filled in..
MITS Component & System Corp.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

1. Camera type: 25M IR IP Cam (Outdoor).
2. Additional features: 2 Way Audio, 3G mobile phone surveillance, PTZ, 8 IR LED.
MITS Component & System Corp.
Digital Surveillance Cameras

1. Camera type: Vandal IP Dome.
2. Additional features: 2 Way Audio, 3G mobile phone surveillance, PTZ ,Vandal.
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