China makers account for 30% of global PV silver paste shipments in 2017

China-based PV conductive paste makers shipped about 800 tons of PV silver paste in 2017, which accounted for about 30% of the global total, doubling the 15% in 2016, according to China-based research organizations.

In 2017, new PV installation capacity reached 102GWp globally, while worldwide solar cell output was about 100GWp with demand for 2,700 tons of silver paste, the sources said.

Among China-based silver paste makers, DK Electronic Materials, iSilver Materials, Soltrium Advanced Material Technology and Shangahi TransCom Electronic Technology each shipped over 80 tons in 2017, the sources noted.

Since silver paste requirements vary from maker to maker, suppliers have to adjust formulas to meet individual clients' needs.

Due to increasing demand for locally-produced silver powder and improvement in production efficiency, China-based silver paste makers will see cost decrease, Soltrium Advanced Material was cited as saying.

US-based DuPont, Germany-based Heraeus, South Korea-based Samsung SDI and Taiwan-based Giga Solar Materials used to dominate the China silver paste market, and facing increasing competition from local makers, they have all set up plants in China to meet local demand.