Advantech opens expanded European Service Center

Advantech has unveiled its expanded European Service Center in the Netherlands, doubling office and warehouse space and almost tripling CTOS (configure to order services) production capacity, according to the company.

Since 2014 the IPC maker has been highly focused on vertical markets to serve customer needs, said Chaney Ho, executive director of Advantech and general manager of Advantech Europe.

He said in order to strengthen Advantech's leadership in Europe's IoT market, the company willl promote and expand its presence in local markets across many application domains.

Through mergers and acquisitions and by working together with local partners, Advantech now has over 400 locally-hired employees working in 14 offices in 10 European countries, Hosaid, adding the completion of the European Service Center is Advantech's first step towards becoming Europe's most comprehensive IoT solutions provider and will help it reach its target of EUR350 million (US$432.69 million) in revenues by 2025.

The European Service Center also functions as Advantech's European headquarters. The CTOS production capacity is highly automated via adoption of smart manufacturing system.