Coretronic reports flat sales for December

Backlight unit (BLU) supplier Coretronic has reported consolidated revenues of NT$5.117 billion (US$172.8 million) for December 2017, down 0.5% from a month earlier. Revenues for the fourth quarter of 2017 were up 8.4% on quarter to a two-year high of NT$15.055 billion.

For all of 2017, revenues totaled NT$53.105 billion, decreasing 6.9% from a year earlier.

Shipments of display products, including laser TVs and high-end embedded projectors totaled 146,000 units worth NT$1.929 billion in December, up 16% and 2%, respectively, from a month earlier.

In 2017, shipments of display products totaled 1.333 million units worth NT$17.756 billion, up 9% and 5%, respectively, from the previous year.

Looking ahead, display product shipments are expected to drop 20% sequentially in January due to seasonality and a higher base reached in December.

Shipments of BLUs and ODM display solutions reached NT$2.543 billion in December, down 0.5% sequentially.

Sales of BLUs, ODM devices and display solutions amounted to 47.9 million units worth NT$28.891 billion in 2017, up 16.5% and 14.7%, respectively, from a year earlier.