China gaming market value estimated at CNY203.61 billion in 2017

Gaming service operators in the China market generated revenues totaling CNY203.61 billion (US$30.11 billion) in 2017, growing 23.0% on year with the number os users increasing 3.1% to 583 million, according to China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association.

Locally-produced games created revenues of CNY138.61 billion, or 68.1% of the total.

The total revenues mainly consisted of CNY116.12 billion from mobile games, rising 41.7% on year; CNY64.86 billion from PC-based online games, up 11.4%; CNY15.6 billion from browser games, down 16.6%; and CNY1.37 billion from home-use console games.

There were 554 million mobile game users and 158 million PC-based online game users, respectively increasing 4.9% and 1.7% on year.

The total revenues also included CNY38.40 billion from PC-based e-sports games and CNY34.654 billion from mobile e-sports games, respectively growing 15.2% and 102.2% on year.