Fitbit Ionic to be available in Taiwan

US-based Fitbit will launch Fitbit Ionic smartwatch in the Taiwan market in mid-February at a recommended retail price of NT$10,880 (US$365).

Fitbit Ionic features SpO2 (pulse oximetry) sensor, 50m-depth water resistance, heart rate monitoring during exercise and 24-hour resting heart rate, GPS tracking, sleep and cardio fitness monitoring, and Fitbit Pay NFC mobile payment.

According to company research vice president Shelten Yuen, more than 5,000 third-party developers have joined Fitbit developer community and more than 1,000 of them have begun to develop software applications and built clock faces specifically for Fitbit Ionic. Based on newly developed Fitbit OS, there have been more than 60 applications and over 100 clock faces for Fitbit Ionic available at Fitbit Apps Gallery.