September 29 2017

Marseille Commercializes the mCable Gaming Edition: HDMI-embedded Anti-Aliasing
ViewSonic Unveils Three Pro-Grade Monitors for Color-Critical Applications
SteelSeries Releases the Apex 150 Gaming Keyboard
ASRock Announces its Z370 Chipset Motherboard Lineup
Intel "Sapphire Rapids" Micro-architecture Succeeds "Tiger Lake"
Lian Li Announces PC-Q38 Compact ITX Case
Enermax Announces RevoBron Value PSU Series

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.3 Drivers

Supermicro Releases Supercharged NVIDIA Volta Systems
Mobiveil, Crossbar Partnership Aims to Bring ReRAM to SSDs
Eight NVMe Drives RAIDed on AMD X399 Break the 28 GB/s Barrier
Corsair's Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti; a splash of water really opens it up

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P; size of the entire universe man ...

AMD will have Ryzen to their Pinnacle next February
ViewSonic Introduces a Trio of Monitors with Pro Color
FCC chairman politely asks Apple to enable FM radio in the iPhone
Levi's 'smart jacket' can only be washed 10 times... at best
Self-flying drone network completes maiden delivery in Switzerland
GoPro launches Hero6 Black action camera with new GP1 processor, yours for $499
Snapchat now allows sponsored 3D World Lenses
Face ID may cause iPhone X shortages
SNES Classic teardown reveals why Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic
Equifax will soon be launching a lifetime credit data lock service for free
Just 5,000 Essential phones have been sold since launch?
Boeing challenges you to build a personal flying device with $1 million
Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook against Trump's claims of bias
A single Tesla Powerpack unit has already saved an Australian town $1.5 million
A former Google engineer founded a religion that is developing an AI god
Nvidia boss: Moore's Law is dead, GPUs will soon replace CPUs
Nvidia Shield users get Google Assistant & 3 months of YouTube Red
SteelSeries unleash splash-proof Apex 150 keyboard
Internet Explorer bugs pose security risks
Google’s Pixel 2 specs leaked ahead of unveiling
Despite Nintendo Switch success, Sony has no interest in returning to handhelds
Toshiba signs $18 billion deal to sell off its memory business

Chongqing HKC breaks ground for 2nd 8.6G line

MediaTek likely to meet high end of 3Q17 guidance
GIS expects shipment momentum to continue into 4Q17
China makes 820 million smartphones in January-July
Asustek expects China gaming notebook market to reach 3 million units in 2018
MEMS sensor demand for smartphones, automotive surging
ITC ruling raises Section 201 concern
Apple iPhone 8 Plus carries over US$280 BOM, IHS teardown reveals
Aemulus rolls out 5G test solutions
Foxconn chairman to visit Wisconsin in early October
IoT applications may take root in Indonesia in 5 years: Q&A with Advantech executive Ramdhani Gumilar
Smartphone sales in Taiwan remain sluggish in August
China January-August software revenues total CNY3.460 trillion
China August mobile communication users grows to 1.382 billion
Wearable brands releasing new devices