Huawei aims to be among top-5 global clouds

Huawei Technologies has been setting up its own public cloud and will make long-term commitment to establishing a global cloud network with integration of AI (artificial intelligence) services via cooperation with partners, and aims to become one of five global public clouds, according to company rotating CEO Guo Ping.

Guo was speaking at Huawei Connect 2017 conference held in Shanghai on September 5-7. Entitled "Grow with the Cloud," the conference focused on how digitization, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI can be used to provide efficient commercial solutions to meet real market demand.

While Microsoft-developed Azure and Amazon-developed AWS (Amazon Web Services) are globally popular, China-based Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have been making efforts to provide cloud services in their domestic market. According to IDC, Alibaba shared 40.67% of the China IaaS (infrastructure as a service) public cloud market value in 2016, China Telecom 8.51%, Tencent 7.34% and Kingsoft 6.02%.

The China-based Huawei's public cloud does not deal with application services or data. Instead it provides technology and services to let users make commercial use of data and enables complete information security beginning at chip design.

Specifically for enterprise and government users in the China market, Huawei is setting up a public cloud for video data.

Huawei and its partners have established an ecosystem, with more than 30 partners testing their solutions at Huawei-established platforms. Huawei also plans to set up 20 open labs around the world, cooperate with partners to incubate over 200 enterprise solutions, help independent developers and contribute to open-source and industry alliances.

Huawei, using AI technologies such as graphics/image recognition and machine learning, has unveiled EI (enterprise intelligence) services including basic platform services, general AI services and scenario-based solutions.