Micron Taiwan wins bid to buy Cando plant

Micron Memory Taiwan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, has won a bid to take over touch panel maker Cando's plant in Taichung (central Taiwan) and equipment installed at the facility for a total of NT$2.75 billion (US$88.9 million).

The plant will be engaged in the development of DRAM backend technology, according to Micron Taiwan.

Micron disclosed previously plans to build a backend facility in Taichung as part of the company's investment project in Taiwan. Micron is looking to invest a total of US$2 billion in 2016 and 2017 to enhance the technology capability of its local sites.

Micron's wafer plant in Taichung, central Taiwan is scaling up its output of DRAM chips built using 1Xnm process technology. The fab will have more than half of its total production capacity manufactured using the newer node sometime in the second half of 2017, the company was quoted in previous reports as saying.

Micron's Taichung fab was formerly Rexchip Electronics, which the US memory vendor took over as a result of its acquisition of Japan-based Elpida Memory. Micron also has a DRAM fab in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan engaged in the manufacture of 20nm chips. The facility was formerly Inotera Memories, which the US vendor took over at the end of 2016.