Taiwan startups creating platforms via Microsoft Visual Studio and cloud services

Taiwan-based startups Pyramius, Wishing-Soft and Biomdcare are releasing software products designed using Microsoft's Visual Studio and services. To support such demand, Microsoft has released new Virtual Studio software to help developers design apps for iOS and Android via its Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Pyramius' conference/meeting management and recording solution is designed via Visual Studio and has been integrated with online communication software including Line, Skype and WeChat, without needing to install extra apps.

Wishing-Soft has developed three cloud services for the environmental safety market and the services are created via Microsoft Azure system and Visual Studio.

Biomdcare has also used Visual Studio to create a platform to analyze medical care big data and to create mixed reality (MR) application via Holographic Computing technology.

Microsoft is also planning to release Visual Studio for Mac, testing version of Visual Studio Mobile Center and Team Foundation Server 2017 in November.