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EUROTRADE Computer & Communication Magazine is a leading European specialty journal focusing on Asian computer products and peripherals. EUROTRADE Magazine has complied one of the industry's most comprehensive databases of Asian information Technology and Communications Technology manufacturers. If you are doing business with Asian computer, semiconductor and communications technology producers, it is an indispensable and powerful tool for instant, accurate and profitable sourcing.

Once a year we look to expand our correspondent base and it has been drawn to our attention that it may be of interest for you to receive our monthly market newsletters. EUROTRADE gives you a complete cross-section of domestic and international equity markets. Whether you are interested in long term growth, or income producing investments, EUROTRADE will provide you with insight into investment vehicles which most suit your needs.

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1.Which of the following products or services do you CURRENTLY or PLAN to influence, recommend, specify, buy or sell? (select all that apply)

Please pick the products carefully, the correct choices will help you to find out the suppliers you need!


Anti-Static Products Monitor Arms Mouse Pads and Arm Rests

Batteries Notebook Bags

Business Card CD Labeling Kits Power Adapters

Cables and Connectors Screen Filters

CD Bags SCSI Cables

Computer Desks Testers

Computer Furniture Tool Kits

Data Switches   Other 

Disk Storage Cases        (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Flat Panel Arms


Graphics Card Lan Cards

SCSI Cards Sound Cards

USB/1394 Card   Other

Memory Card

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)





DC Fans Notebooks Cooling Pads

HDD Coolers System Coolers

Heat Sinks   Other

Monitor Coolers

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Data-Disks Hard Disk Mirror Systems

Back Up Systems Mini-CD-R Recordable Discs

CD Duplicators MO Discs

CD-Duplication Controllers External Storage Devices

CD-R Recordable Disks Storage PC Cards

CD/DVD-ROM Drives Tape Drives

Computer Furniture USB Floppy Drives


DVD-R Recordable Discs Flash Disk

DVD-R0M   Other 

Hard Disk Drives        (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


CRT Monitors Projection Displays

FIat Panel Monitors Touch Screens

Industrial Monitors LCD TV

LCD Monitors LCD Projectors

Plasma Displays   Other


      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Antennas & Satelite Products Laser Pointer

Audio Accessories LED Display

Calculators Money Detector

Cash Register Moving Message Signs

Components Power Supply Products

Electronic Games & Toys Recording Media

Electronic Organizers Solar Products

Electronic Premium Ultrasonic Measuring Devices

Electronic Scales, Commercial   Other

Health Products

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Ink Jet Cartridges Turners

Ink Jet Refill Kits   Other

Printer Cartridges

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Digital Cameras Touch Panels

Digital Copy Devices USB Hubs

Business Card CD Labeling Kits Wireless Keyboards

Joysticks, Game Pads Wireless Mouse

Keyboards Keypad

Mice Card Reader

IPC Cameras   Other 


      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Touch Pads        


Net TVs Webphones 

Set-Top-Boxes   Other


      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Printer Cartridges



IPC Chassis IPC Rackmount Chassis

IPC CPU Cards IPC Server Towers

IPC Disk Array Towers IPC Single Boards

IPC I/O Boards IPC Slot Cards

CD Bags IPC Systems

IPC LCD Monitor Kits IPC Workstations

IPC Mainboards RAD System

IPC Memory Modules Rack Cabinet

IPC Panel PCs


IPC Portable Systems      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)



3D Surround Sound Cards Multimedia Kits

3D Speakers PIay TV USB

CCD PC Cameras CITV/TV Tuners

Digital Cameras VGA to TV Cards

Digital Video Recorders Video Capture Cards

DVD Players Video Conferencing Kits

Microphones 5.1 channel

MP3 Players   Other

MPEG Encoders      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)



Disk On Module Memory stick

DDRAM Smart Media Card

FIash Cards SD Card


DDR   Other

Rambus      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Batteries/Pack Hands Free

Bluetooth Produsts Headdset

Bluetooth Headphone Housing

Case Mobile Phones

Charger Strap

Detector   Other

       (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Communication Cards   Other

Multimedia Cards

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Memory Cards



ADSL KVM Switches

Modems Network Access Solutions

Bluetooth Network Interface Cards

Broadband Modems RAID Systems / NAS Servers

Media Converters Routers

Fiber Solutions Servers

Home PNA Terminals

USB Hubs Testing Equipment

Hubs / Switches (SMEs) VPN Routers

Hubs / Switches (SOHO) Wireless LAN Products

Internet Telephony VOIP

IP Sharing Devices Print Server

ISDN Gateways Home Plug

ISDN PC Add-on Cards P-30

ISDN PCMCIA Cards   Other

ISDN Routers      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Barcode Label Printers Barcode Readers

Barcode Printers POS Accessory

Barcode Scanners   Other

POS Systems

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


All-In-One Notebooks Tablet

Barcode Label Printers Pocket PC

Palm Lunch Box

PDA Systems   Other

Web Pads

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Power Adapters Power Suppliers

Switching Power Suppliers   Other


      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

UPS Voltage Regulators



Black-White Lasers Multifunction Printers

Color Lasers Thermojet Printers

Digital Printers   Other

Inkjet Printers

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


Business Suites Virus Production

Diagnostics Software Internet Software

Gaming Translation Software

UPSmart   Other


      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

Education / Training



AII-In-One LCD PCs Servers

All-In-One PCs Webstations

Data Systems Mini PC

DataBooks Embedded System

Home PCs   Other

I/O Card Processing Systems

      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

PVC Plastic Card Printers



Alarm Equipment KVM Switches

Biometric ID Systems Magnetic Readers

Cable Locks Magnetic Readers

Card Readers Multiplexers

ADSL Parking Automation

Color \ B / W CCTV Monitors Personal Alarms

Digital Keypad Locks PIR Lighting Sensors

Digital video Recording PIR Sensors

Digital Surveillance Systems Pressure Sensors

Dome Cameras Proximity Access Control Systems

Dual Tech Sensors Security Main Panels

Electric Strike Locks Software for Access Control Systems

Electric Locks / Bolts Strong Boxes

Electronic Perimeters Swipe Card Locks

Fire Prevention / Life- Savin Equipment Temperature Alarms

Fire / Smoke Alarms Time Recorders

Gas Detectors Time-lapse Video Recorders

Glass Break Detectors Vehicle Security

ISDN Gateways Video Phones

IC Smart Cards / ICs Wireless Security Main Panels

Intercom   Other

Local & Police Co-protection      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)


ADSL Routers Laser Fax Products

Cable Modems Modems

Cardlink Pagers

CTI Solutions PC Cards

DSU Digital Service Units Phone Sound Cards

GPS Testing Equipment

Home PNA USB Modems

ID Phones USB Phone Adapters

Internet Gateways USB Phone Sets

Internet Phones USB Phones

Internet Telephone Gateways Voice Mail

ISDN Cards Web Controllers

ISDN Phones Web-phones

ISDN Routers Cell phone Accessories

ISDN TA   Other

LAN Adapters      (If you selected OTHER, please specify above.)

2.What business activities is your company involved in? (select all that apply)

Agent Manufacturer

Assembler Mail/Internet Order

Consultant OEM

Dealer System Integrator

Distributor/Wholesaler Trader

Import VAR

Export   Other


3. Where you get the ICT product information?

Attend Trade Shows
Other (Please Specify)

4.Your company import ICT product from where?

Taiwan Europe

Hong Kong North America

China   Others

Singapore (If you selected OTHER, please specify your primary business classification here.)

Korea Not importing

Japan Not importing, but plan to

Other Asian Countries

5. What is the number of employees in your entire organization? (including all divisions, branches and subsidiaries)


6. What is your company's approximate gross annual sales?


7. We respect the privilege of contacting you via email, and you are always given the opportunity to opt-out of email correspondence with each email you receive. We would like to offer you the opportunity to receive information and offers that would benefit you. Would you like to be contacted via email for:

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Technology's Leading Vendors
Special discounted offers, programs, product information, etc.

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